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Kyrie Irving’s poor Thanksgiving message has fans confused: ‘Keep him off mics’

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Now that Kyrie Irving returned to the court for the Brooklyn Nets, the star point guard will be drilled on various topics after games. Anything people ask him will be reviewed through the lens of a microscope and anything he says can or will be used against him. Getting people riled up for speaking against one of the most protected communities in the world has consequences. Now that he is back in the mix, a reporter asked Irving what he thinks about Thanksgiving celebrations.

Those who aren’t aware, Kyrie became a Muslim a few years back and that’s one of the main reasons many of his ideas shifted over the years. Today, we are looking at a very different man from the person he was a decade ago. But this happens to everybody who attempts to find more meaning to life. In Kyrie’s case, the Brooklyn Nets star decided to opt for the more out there way to live his life and the most unorthodox way of looking at life. That all came with a price, for Kyrie is now considered a conspiracy theorist simply for thinking differently.

Kanye can’t deliver a simple Thanksgiving message to fans

When the reporter approached him, she directly asked Kyrie Irving about the upcoming holiday and asked him to deliver a message to fans. Even though his sentiment was good at heart, Kyrie unnecessarily mentioned he doesn’t celebrate the holiday. Which obviously sent all fans into frenesi. While many do get that the Brooklyn Nets player doesn’t celebrate Christian holidays anymore, some don’t get why he can’t be more diplomatic with his answers. It’s really not that hard to say: “Happy Thanksgiving everyone!” Is it?

But Kyrie had to make it about his own beliefs instead of simply wishing for people to enjoy…

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