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Is Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers run about to end amid injury admission?

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Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers recently confessed he’s been playing with a broken thumb for a while. This injury has inevitably affected the team, who boasts a mediocre 4-7 record and will play the impressive Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday. If Aaron wasn’t already planning on leaving the team, he would’ve stayed quiet about his right thumb but he let the world know about it. With this in mind, could this be the possible end of Aaron Rodger’s brilliant run with the Green Bay Packers?

There is a good chance that given his low level of performance this season, Aaron Rodgers might end up in the injury reserve for the remainder of the regular season. Although the Green Bay Packers leadership still hasn’t reached an agreement on the player. Because make no mistake, any NFL player knows they become obsolete to their team the moment they no longer canproduce for them. Aaron Rodgers knows this and he also needs to make a decision about it.

Why didn’t Aaron rodgers speak up sooner about his injury?

Any football player will tell you that playing with a few hits and bruises is normal for them, Aaron Rodgers is no different. He likely thought the thumb problems wouldn’t prevent him from performing at the highest level. However, he did take a little too long to come clean and the Packers have almost said goodbye to the regular season. An entire campaign lost due to a player’s unwillingness to speak up and help his team. Second QB Jordan Love is more than ready to take Aaron Rodgers’ place.

But this entire situation forces all of us to ask the question everybody wants an answer for. Is Aaron Rodgers’ career with the Green Bay Packers coming to an abrupt end or will he accept becoming part of the injured reserve list? In what will be one ofthe …

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