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Daniel Jones: Osi Umenyiora urges New York Giants to make this decision on QB’s future

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Daniel Jones might have played his way into a new contract with the New York Giants this season and given the team something to think about, according to Osi Umenyiora.

The New York Giants have certainly been one of the biggest surprises in the NFL this year, as after five straight years of putting up a losing record, the appointment of head coach Brian Daboll in the offseason appears to have come across as a stroke of genius.

He has got the Giants to be a competitive force in the league, so much so that even with their loss to the Dallas Cowboys yesterday afternoon on Thanksgiving, they currently sit with a 7-4 record and with the #6 seed in the NFC playoff picture as things stand, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t think they won’t make it into the postseason this year. 

And that presents them with something of a problem, particularly when it comes to the future of quarterback Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones doing just enough

Jones is a quarterback that for the most part has been seen as a disappointment, having been taken with the #6 overall pick in the NFL Draft in 2019 his numbers haven’t been spectacular for someone taken that high, as he’d averaged a 62.9% completion rate, 2,799 passing yards and 15 touchdowns a season, and generally seen as holding the Giants back with a 12-25 record. 

Now though, things are different as before the game yesterday, he had completed 65.2% of his passes, and was on course for 3,293 passing yards and on course for another 15 touchdowns, all whilst already setting career-highs for rushing yards and touchdowns.

The issue comes though with the fact that the Giants declined the 5th-year option on his rookie deal, making him a free agent at the end of the year. But with his play now getting better, it’s looking like the Giants might have to give him a new deal. 

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At least that’s what former Giant and now UK NFL pundit Osi Umenyiora claims. Speaking during a recent media roundtable session, he hinted that the Giants might not really have a better option right now, and so sticking with Jones would be the right thing to do:

It’s my team, but they’re in a bit of a problem right here because, you wouldn’t say Daniel Jones is Patrick Mahomes right? You wouldn’t say that, but he’s a good quarterback and he’s shown that he’s a pretty good quarterback. So now what do you do? If you don’t resign him who are you going to bring in that’s going to be better? 

There’s no quarterback in college right now, who I would say for sure is going to be better than Daniel Jones is at this particular juncture, at least is going to develop. So the New York Giants are right there, what do you do? Do you feel like ‘okay, now we’re going go draft the guy’, even if you draft the guy with the way they’re playing, they’re going to be drafted him late, so you’re not going to get one of the elite quarterbacks. And who out there would you say is better than him? 

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